August 17, 2015


Here i've tried to depict summer forest, with sun playing on tree branches and green moss. It feels like the painting got too plain, depth and contrast is missing, ant at the same time I'm afraid to overwork and completely ruin it :) ech... this time will leave it as it is... for previous few months I have a tendency to overwork paintings. 

July 29, 2015

Wild beach

I'm living on a vacation mode. There were time when i felt frustration of not painting periods, feeling that time is wasted without any progress, but after two weeks hiking trip to Swedish mountains, absolute calmness came. Even daily household routines became enjoyable. Mountains teach a lot. One of the main lessons- to value simple being, to live without fearfully counting minutes. There is no time in the mountains, just your heavy backpack and several thousand steps until next resting place.
I feel similarly with painting. There is no time, just several hundred paintbrush strokes, just colours going here and there, sometimes obeying, but usually not:) until you feel that it is finished.
Below is a quick sketch of my favorit place of childhood called 'wild beach'. Strange memory intersections meet here.

June 22, 2015


Everytime i'm visiting my gradmother, i find these beatiful flovers blooming on her windowsils, this is a little study of one of them i made this weekend:)

April 30, 2015

First spring buds

The spring is now in its full strength,  green has concured all around so I'm a bit late with this spring buds painting. It took three weeks to finish it, with huge gaps in between painting. But i'm happy i didn't leave it and now can move on to something new:)

March 10, 2015

A shell

This little shell gave inspiration for three evenings and it seems this is not the end...

February 2, 2015


Watercolor on Arches

This flower always wonders me, during summer it vegetates and shows little signs of life... and in winter, when days are shortest and darkest, my Amaryllis reveals it's true beauty.

January 21, 2015

Sun's Path

This is a depiction of one of my favorite places in Lithuania - Sun's Path in Druskininkai. I would say totally overvorked this painting: starting was nice - colours were clean and bright, but it got messy when the shadow was applied. And water areas - I intended to paint brown reflections on the water, as it was in my photo, instead it got muddy... Anyways, I'm planning to work on this subject until it gets better, I'd like to achieve transparent, clean and more loose view :)

January 15, 2015


Watercolour on Fontenay, 29x35 cm

Seascapes are one of my favourite objects in paintings. They are the most difficult and requiring a high level of mastery as well. After a number of attempts to at least remotely reflect the idea of a sea and its splashing waves, I must admit I still did not find a key from a door which leads to secrets of successful marinistic painting. This is one of my last exercises. I used masking and splashing techniques to create water effects. There are "spots"/areas I enjoy, but probably next time I would add more colours to the waves, as now on the whole painting looks a bit monochromatic...