January 21, 2015

Sun's Path

This is a depiction of one of my favorite places in Lithuania - Sun's Path in Druskininkai. I would say totally overvorked this painting: starting was nice - colours were clean and bright, but it got messy when the shadow was applied. And water areas - I intended to paint brown reflections on the water, as it was in my photo, instead it got muddy... Anyways, I'm planning to work on this subject until it gets better, I'd like to achieve transparent, clean and more loose view :)

January 15, 2015


Watercolour on Fontenay, 29x35 cm

Seascapes are one of my favourite objects in paintings. They are the most difficult and requiring a high level of mastery as well. After a number of attempts to at least remotely reflect the idea of a sea and its splashing waves, I must admit I still did not find a key from a door which leads to secrets of successful marinistic painting. This is one of my last exercises. I used masking and splashing techniques to create water effects. There are "spots"/areas I enjoy, but probably next time I would add more colours to the waves, as now on the whole painting looks a bit monochromatic...